Ongoing Service

We pride ourselves on the on-going service we are able to provide to clients. Our principal objective is to maintain a high quality service on a regular basis.

Please refer to our service deliverables which will confirm the types of service offered and the subject matter covered during an annual review meeting.

We offer three services levels when seeking Financial Planning and advice:

  • Wealth Management Service
  • Financial Planning Service
  • Financial Awareness Service

Some aspects of tax planning, trusts, National Savings & Investments and Will Writing are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Building Relationships with our Clients
We offer a valuable service to our clients and ensure that we manage their financial affairs regularly, with objective reviews and presentation of conclusions and recommendations to update needs and aspirations accordingly.

We discuss all areas with you in plain and simple language; we dedicate time to you, to ensure you understand any financial plans we may have drawn up for you.

Over a period of time most customer’s needs and demands change and using technology can make it easier to deliver better customer outcomes and improved service levels. Ashley Independent uses the state of the art technology and relies on quality reports and cash flow modelling to deliver good outcomes for all our clients.

Richard Shorthouse and Ashley Independent Financial Advisers are members of In Partnership network, the trading name of The On-Line Partnership Limited, which shares in the value of good advice, quality service and being completely transparent with its business dealings.

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